Saturday, May 14, 2016

Being true to yourself...We get what we want

Philosophies--Safety and Security

Being true to yourself
There are many problems and issue we go thru in life.  And it's hard to see the scope of the problem when we're going thru it.  I, myself, battle with anxiety, and during the most difficult times, I have a hard time evaluating the cause of the specific issue.  I think that's why we look to friends and family when we're hurting, because they have the objectivity to see the problems for what really they are.  The funny thing is, it's rare that we take that advice.  How many times have you admitted to yourself, Aunt Sally was right.

We get what we want
How many times have you talked to that friend or family member who keeps putting themselves into problems, then comes to you for answers.  Believe or not, you do it too.  We make decisions in life and most of the time we get what we want out of it.  The sad thing is, not understanding what we want. It throws us into those very same types of problems we're fighting to get out of.  We all think that we're squared away and have this thing call life under control.  The truth is, you can't control life, all you can do is adapt to it.  Think carefully about your wants & needs, and make an effort to see the pitfalls before you fall in.

I know, a little heavy tonight, but I just want you all to know, Being honest with ourselves and
thinking thru a situation, is the first line of safety & security. Cheers

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