Friday, May 13, 2016

10 Essential tools for the Home

Hey guys, hope your day is going well.  Today, we’re going to talk about some tools, as we begin our home improvement series.  These tools are the basics needed to repair most of the simple issues we find in our homes daily.  Most of these tools can be found the general store (Walmart) or online (Amazon) for very reasonable prices and their value will last a lifetime.  Let’s begin with the Mighty Hammer.

Similar to Thor’s Mjölnir, the hammer is the superstar of the house.  While we don’t drive that many nails around here, but when it’s time to hang a picture or smash something, the hammer gets all the applause.  It’s my son favorite tool, it takes little skill to wield and is quite fun to knock around.

The screwdrivers is probably the most used of all my tools.  No matter where I am in the house, I’m always finding screws loose, lol.  The Phillips seem most popular in the construction of this cardboard box of mine.  But I don’t ignore the flat head either, I find, I use it most for prying small objects.

My pliers are next, I seem to always have this issue of having to tighten something, and hold the other side at the same time.  If it’s large my regular pliers help out quite nicely.  But most times, it’s some tiny nut or screw that need that support and my needle nose swoops in for the save.

The socket wrench is a God send for the car.  It seem like if I want to check my oil or change a fuse, I gotta loosen at least 4 bolts on our vehicles.  The benefits is the socket wrench doesn't travel alone.  I must have as many as 70 socket bits to help me racket anything to and anything.  By the way, this is the only way the word “racket” is supposed to be used.

Have you ever put together box furniture before?  As newlyweds, this was most of my furniture, and without a good set of Allen wrenches, we might still be sitting on the floor, lol.

Remember, most Allen wrenches sets are color coded.  Yellow for inch pattern and Green for metric.  There are many more, like Red for Torx, but you get the picture.

My little saw.  This is a general purpose tool I use for much more than you think.  I’m constantly cutting dowels, trimming trees, and sizing small PVC pipes.  This little saw definitely earns it’s keep.  The blade is changeable to for wood, metal and replacement general purpose blade.
 If you’re doing some real work around the house it’s a keeper.

Finally, duct tape, You can temporarily bound anything together with this tape. The uses are endless, but I've give you some examples; Myth busters build a boat, an airplane wing and a car with this stuff. It's truly phenomenal. If I didn't have any of the tools above, I'm sure I could make due with a good roll of duct tape.

So there you have it, 10 tools you just gotta have, and yes I know it’s not ten little paragraphs, I like it better this way.  What's your top ten tools? Cheers.