Monday, May 23, 2016

Family Rescue Bag or "BOB"

The Go Bag, Bug Out Bag or as I like to call it, the Family Rescue bag can be any shape, size or weight.  The items inside can vary by country, season, and environment.  Ultimately, the bag is about having the right kit for the job.  When we talked about shelter last week, I talked about a few items from your kit that would make building a shelter quick and painless.  But I never gave you an example of a bag to build to help you out.  So, to all of you who said, what kit, here it is.

The Bag is a small military style day pack, which has enough volume to hold our gear and still allow room for  "battlefield pick-ups", in our urban environment that may be the everyday debris that could be helpful in a survival situation.  

On the out side of the bag, I keep items that are most likely to be needed quickly.  I keep gloves, a headlamp, a whistle, a fire steel, cordage, a knife and a tie-down.  Notice that the colors are high-vis, to greater effect rescue. The outer items are really 2-3 kits, a signalling kit, fire kit and a shelter building kit.

The next most accessible pouch, the top pocket, is the med kit.  This kit is assembled to handle the average headache, up to a sucking chest wound, if you know what you're doing.  I still need to add a tourniquet, so I can't say this is complete kit. 

The the bottom pocket holds the tools, water kit, admin kit, and emergency items like space blankets, hand warmers, the ubiquitous black trash bag, toliet paper and the like.  

On the inside I carry a fire kit, a couple of hats, eye protection, mirco-fiber towels, and a great book, "Survive Anywhere", by Christopher Nyerges.  

As you can see, the bag is packed with all kinds of rescues goodness.  If you'll like me to go over each little kit or if you want to share your own ideas, please follow by email and let me know.  Have a great day.  Cheers