Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cutting the Cord....On Mother's Day Part I

Morning folks, 

Before you call me the worst son in history, I'm talking about ditching cable and telephone services.  To tell you truth, I did it because it was getting unnecessarily expensive and I just couldn't justify it anymore.  Interestingly enough, most of the services I use now, I used then, and with little effort and I saved money monthly.  So follow me on this quest, and let me upgrade you.

So I guess my two-year contract ended with my cable company, and they had the audacity to want to charge
me almost triple what I was paying for my bundle, e.g., cable, internet and phone.  I couldn't believe it and I gave them a call to talk it out.  I don't like messy break-ups, and who knows we could possible still be friends, lol.  Unfortunately, my cable company just wasn't having it, I talked them down to double, but I just couldn't see paying that much.  The guy on the phone actually said, "this is the best deal around, what you going to do without our services."  I literally laughed in his face, and told him I'd call back.  He issued a challenge and I was up for the task.

I hopped online to my favorite tech blogs for options and the term "cutting the cord" kept popping up.  I started to look into it and found that it meant using internet for all my home information and communication sources.  I almost panicked, what would the wife and kid think? What if the power went out? What if I needed to watch the emergency broadcasting network?  Then I realized, this is 2016 and I have a smart phone.  Any right-now news or calls I need to make have been available to me all along since, well, you know, about the year 2003.  I took a deep breath and did more research.  First I pulled up my previous bills.  

So my last bundle cost about $185 a month.  I
got basic+ cable, so I could see Walking Dead, and entertain guest with the music channels, during dinner.  I additionally got free domestic and reduced price international calls, as well as, 100 MPS internet speeds.  I started watching how we used our TV's and house phone and I was floored.  My son only watched cartoons on cable when a new show was available, and my wife had her smart phone glued to her ear, barely ever using the house phone.  In fact the only time it rang for me was to remind me of medical appointments, it's a TRICARE thing, you wouldn't understand, lol.  What was most interesting was, first, I'm watching the 30th season of Star Trek Next Generation and still seeing episodes I haven't seen before and I, like my family are hooked on NETFLIX and Amazon Prime Video.  
To tell the truth, unless it was on my DVR, I was watching NETFLIX without fail.  Capt Picard is the man, and no one could argue that with me, lol.  My courage was building now, I had a comeback to the cable-man's challenge.  I could call back with all the bravery that 20 years of the military service had bestowed on me, yeah I know I'm hamming it up.

I called the cable guy the next day, ready for a fight, but a nice lady answered, so I dropped all my witty attacks and when straight to business.  I took a deep breathe and told Heather, cancel my cable and phone service on the 1st of the month.  
I expected a gasp, but she only said "ok, are you cutting the cord too".  I was blown away, as she began to tell she had done it over a year ago, then proceed to suggest I pick Vonage as my phone service provide.  She even gave me her phone number to use for the referral discount.  If this phone call was monitored and recorded as I was informed, Heather was in deep trouble and I was halfway free of the dreaded cord.  Catch up with me tomorrow to read the conclusion of the this epic tale of cable exodus.  Happy Mother's Day.  Hope you had fun reading this, tell me what you think in the comments. Cheers